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President's Message

Han Jianmin, Doctor

President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press

1986           Hebei University          Lecturer

1989-2003  Hebei University Press   Editor, Director of the department,

                                                       Deputy Editor-in-Chief

2003           Cambridge University     Visiting Scholar

2004           Beijing Science and Technology  Press         Vice President and Deputy Editor-in-Chief

2006-2008   Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press     Vice President

2008-           Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press     President



 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press (SJTUP) is the official publishing house of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), a leading institution of higher education and research in China. Just as a world-class university needs a world-class press, a world-class university press also needs the support of its parent university. SJTUP operates according to the principles of "relying on SJTU, promoting academic learning, focusing on publishing textbooks, and making the market a priority." Its long-term strategy is to become more professional, marketing-oriented, digitized, and international. SJTUP publishes scientific works and promotes learning for the international academic community.


Since 2008, SJTUP has successfully published two major works by former Chinese President and SJTU alumnus Jiang Zemin, On the Development of China's Information Technology Industry, and Research on Energy Issues in China. The English versions of the two books made their debut at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2009. In 2008, SJTUP published a Series on the History of Chinese Learned Societies, which was first released in the Great Hall of the People. This series has significant academic and historical value. This was the first systemic study of the history of "science and technology societies," filling a crucial gap in Chinese publishing.


To give active support to large-scale national planning initiatives, SJTUP launched the "Large Aircraft Publishing Project" as part of the state's "Major Science and Technology Initiative." SJTUP has assembled the greatest research and teaching on Chinese aviation. They have edited and published a set of academic works and major teaching materials on large commercial aircraft. These works have been nominated for the National Publishing Foundation's second "Chinese Government Award for Publishing." Moreover, they provide a solid foundation and strong technical support for research on, manufacturing of, and personnel training for large aircraft.


A History of Chinese Science and Technology won the China Book Award in 2010.


In recent years, following the late Qian Xuesen's vision, SJTUP has made a concerted effort to publish high-quality editions of his works. Most notably, these include Engineering Cybernetics, Creating Systematology, Lecture Notes on Physical Mechanics, and Hydrodynamic Manuscript Facsimiles, as well as a dozen books on his academic achievements and patriotic spirit. This move has clearly established SJTUP as the main publisher of Qian Xuesen's works. The Chronicle of Late Qing Figures series is "an ambitious publishing project," and its publication has filled major gaps in understanding of the period.


Since SJTUP's 2009 restructuring, which made it more market-oriented, all the staff have changed their old mindsets and actively explored societal and economic benefits, reaching a whole new level. While implementing these changes, SJTUP took the initiative to reform the Book Division, and further strengthening the selection process, featured books, and brand dominance. Constantly increasing its influence and publishing capabilities, SJTUP has specialized in publishing science and engineering textbooks, and works on teaching foreign languages, economic management, and academic research.


In 2010, SJTUP has published 722 new books. With constant support from SJTU throughout the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan," Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press has outperformed its peers, while adhering to professional publishing and academic standards. SJTUP has begun a new journey. Relying on new strategies, it aims to become a profitable, full-service, first-class academic press.



April, 2011