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10 Mega Business Trends in the Digital Age
Category: Best Translation Books  Publish Time: 2014-12-05 18:10 
10 Mega Business Trends in the Digital Age

Author: Zhu Xiaoming etc.
Publication Date: 2014-12-1


Brief Introduction
In this book the 10 mega business trends cover the following items:
1. Big Data—from fragmented data to big data;
2. Cloud Computing—from offline computing to cloud computing;
3. Platform—from unilateral market to unilateral plus bilateral market;
4. Mobile Internet—from PC Internet to mobile Internet;
5. Software Defined Network—from hardware defined network to software defined network;
6. Outsourcing and Crowdsourcing—from small&comprehensive, big&comprehensive to outsourcing and crowdsourcing;
7. Demand Driven—from supply driven to demand driven;
8. Long-tailed Market—from scale economy to long-tailed market;
9. Digital Finance—from traditional finance to digitization and Internet finance;
10. O2O Model—from complete offline or online to O2O model.