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How to Take Care of Your Body (Set)
Category: Best Translation Books  Publish Time: 2014-05-05 18:07 
How to Take Care of Your Body (Set)

Author: Wu Qingzhong 
Publication Date: 2014-5-1

Brief Introduction
1. Annoyed at the gimmick of secret recipe or panacea? Tired of the burden of expensive medicines and operations? Here is a brilliant book for you. This book series delivers an approachable ideology of heath care, that is the knowledge about your body structure and function can help you fight against diseases.
2. DVD demonstration of exercise moves and simplified massage method. One quarter a day keeps doctor away! Easy to learn, easy to do!
3. Practical regimen instructions for parents. Great book to lead your children in developing healthy life style and good personality.
4. Gift Matching: Instruction DVD, regimen notebook

About the Author
Wu qingzhong, the famous regimen expert focusing on the research and development of artificial intelligence. He used to work on robot development in Taiwan to promote the local industrial automation. His story of regimen starts from years ago when he confronted sub-healthy problems due to his occupied work. It is Chinese medicine that helps him rebuild his healthy body. Since then he started the research on how to take care of our body under the instruction of scientific ideology. This book is one of his research achievements.