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Power of President Xi Jinping’s Speech
Category: Best Translation Books  Publish Time: 2014-11-05 18:04 
Power of President Xi Jinping’s Speech

Editor:Chen Xixi
Publication Date:2014 Nov

1. The first book to interpret China’s new rule concept through President Xi’s speeches.
2. A good way to understand China’s new leader.
3. Displaying the unique tradition culture of China through a series of Chinese proverbs and stories.

President Xi’s series of important speeches explain profound theories with simple language, which makes them popular and easy to understand. Meanwhile, they are equally powerful and forceful. Compiled in this book, distinctive keywords of Xi’s speeches from the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China are divided into four parts including metaphor, proverb, quotation, etc. These keywords are analyzed according to context and etymology, which demonstrates their ideological connotation, practical meaning and social response. The purpose is to provide the cadres and the masses with a readable, memorable and practical pamphlet about President Xi’s speeches from a perspective of language culture.

About the Editor
Chen Xixi is a leading expert from the Central Project of Research and Construction of Marxism, distinguished professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, doctorial supervisor and member from the Committee of Teaching Guide of University Ideology and Politics Theory Courses of Ministry of Education. His major works include The Spiritual Pillar of Prospering the Chinese Nation, Historical Course of Development of Socialism, Marxism: Ideology and Discourse System, etc.

Editor’s Choice
Language is something that possesses amazing power. In his series of important speeches, President Xi uses methods of metaphors and story-telling to demonstrate profound theories, uses simple and straightforward proverbs to explain questions and uses excellent Chinese traditional cultural elements to concentrate on the main point as well as be perpendicular and horizontal with the content. To sum up, the language of President Xi contains great wisdom with simplicity and penetrating power, which go deep into people’ heart.

Examples like “beat the tigers”, “swat the flies”, “lock power in the cage of regulations” are vivid and profound. Examples like “forge iron with a strong body”, are concise, lively and powerful. In addition, President Xi quotes classical poems to demonstrate his notion of governing a country, such as “Governing a country is like cooking dishes” and “Appreciating capable people is the basis of the government”. He uses “Surrounding by endless ocean, we are sailing under the tailwind” to describe the future of Asia-Pacific area and “Empty talks damage affairs” to lay emphasis on the work style of linking theory with practice.

This book begins with the language style of President Xi’s speeches, compiles 70 distinctive quotations from the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to May 2014 and gives concise explanations of their etymology, semantic meaning, theoretical value and social response in order to provide the cadres and the masses with an original, readable and down-to-earth pamphlet about President Xi’s speeches.