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Summit Contest
Category: Best Translation Books  Publish Time: 2014-08-05 17:57 
Summit Contest

Author: Liu Shiying 
Publication Date : 2014-8-1

Brief Introduction
Jack Ma, the icon of Chinese E-business and the leader of Alibaba; Pony Ma, the professionally trained IT elite who becomes the biggest winner in social media and game industry. In order to get hold of their customers, and built up their exclusive business territories, Jack Ma and Pony Ma are bound to confront with each other as rivals. Summit Contest records the fierce competition between Jack Ma and Pony Ma, especially between Alibaba and Tencent. 


About the Author
Liu Shiying is the chairman of Beijing Winnerbook Planning Inc., the biographer of various business figures,and the planner as well as the author of many Financial & Economic best sellers. Devoting to studying business figures and commercial cases, Liu has interviewed a number of entrepreneurs or business leaders from enterprises such as Alibaba, Baidu, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, etc. His representative work includes JUSTIN YIFU LIN, Jack Ma’s Entrepreneurship, Alibaba:The Inside Story Behind Jack Ma and the Creation of the World’s Biggest Online Marketplace and so on.