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Chinese Literary History
Category: Best Translation Books  Publish Time: 2014-08-01 17:47 
Chinese Literary History

Author: Cheng Yuzhui
Publication Date: 2014-8-1


Brief Introduction:
Prof. Cheng Yuzhui took 6 years in compiling the Ancient Chinese Literature lecture notes drawn from the “Zhongguancun Expert Forum”. From pre-Qin Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasty, this book elaborates Chinese literary history with elegant prose and phrases including poem quotation, comments and reflections, etc. This book is an entry-level reading material for Chinese traditional literature amateurs as well as a referential book for ancient Chinese literature researchers.

About the Author:
Chen Yuzhui, currently the Professor and doctoral supervisor at Department of Chinese language and literature, Peking University. He is the chief editor of Journal of Peking University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) and the editorial board member of Peking University’s Chinese Literature. His major research subjects focus on ancient Chinese literature, especially poetry of Tang and Song Dynasties. He used to give poetry lectures on Lecture Room, a popular TV program made by CCTV.