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Biography: Tsien Hsue-shen
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Biography: Tsien Hsue-shen

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Biography: Tsien Hsue-shen




Socials Science & the Humanities


Ye Yonglie

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461 pages

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170 mm x 240 mm





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Authoritativeness: The book got support from Ms. Jiang Ying, wife of Tsien, Tsien Yong-gang, their son, and numerous friends and relatives. It is an accurate and detailed record of Senior Tsien’s life, and also the most authoritative and complete one.

Exclusivity: Author Ye Yonglie solicited opinions from numerous resources by going to Beijing, Hangzhou and other places and interviewing over thirty people including Tsien’s beloved ones around him during his lifetime and the staff, his colleagues, students as well, which ensures an exclusive access to valuable information.

Informativeness: It reveals the little-known historical facts and anecdotes of the greatest scientist since the founding of New China, and sets off strong repercussion in Chinese society.



This book is a vivid picture of Tsien Hsue-shen’s legendary life. Illustrated, historically accurate, delicate and attractive, the book is a heavy history record on the difficult course of “two bombs and one satellite” of the PRC, and also a vivid patriotic education material for young readers as vigorous inspiration and encouragement. The book is not only a personal biography of Tsien Hsue-shen, but a development history of China’s “two bombs and one satellite” and manned spaceflight, the revival history of China as a big country along the road to a power.