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Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering
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Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering


Book Title:

Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering




Materials Science


Cai Xun

Page Numbers

516 pages

Book Size

170 mm x 240 mm





Publication Date

7-28- 2010





This book was selected by the Publishing Programs of the National Eleventh Five-year Plan. As required by the reform on “materials science and engineering” in institutions of higher learning, it was written, integrating the basic theories of materials science and materials processing.

The book consists of ten chapters: atomic structure and interatomic bonding, solid structure, imperfections of crystalline solids, diffusion in solids, phase diagram, preparation of materials, solid-state phase transformation, heat transfer in materials forming processes, flow phenomena and mechanics in materials forming processes, and the deformation mechanism, recovery, and recrystallization of materials.

The book is intended to be used as an introductory textbook for materials science. It covers metals, ceramics, and polymers. Being science-based, advanced, and practical, it is intended to enhance the students’ abilities to solve practical engineering problems. This book can also serve as a reference book for researchers and technical staff in materials science and engineering.